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Who We Are

This Organisation is one of the active client-oriented Organisations. We have directed our endeavours towards achieving top-notch position amongst the manufacturer of packaging industries. We manufacture high quality corrugated boxes. The boxes are supplied nationally and also been supplied to exporters to carter demands of our customer.

We follow International standard of quality to over comes the edge over from our competitors thus making us a reliable name among the customer.

Adding on that, with short lead time of 2-4days from request we delivery the boxes within the time given by our clients. We also afford our own vehicles for timely delivery. These are reasons which make us a leading manufacturer in cartons boxes. Ethical business policies strategically located office, easy to approach, trust to pack are some of the reasons that strengthen our success in this sector.


There are various factor for checking the corrugated the boxes. Some parameter such us:

  1. 1. Dimension check
  2. 2. Highly durable
  3. 3. Moisture resistant
  4. 4. Printing quality
  5. 5. Flop folding check
  6. 6. Auto fevicol pasting check.
  7. So this parameter is checked in the interval of 1 hour during the production.

    Our entire product range is customized as per the specification given by customer in terms of all their requirements. So all their beings are been packed properly in appropriate material.

    Infra structure

    Our unit is spread around 30Arces. The unit occupied by manual, semi automatic & automatic machines with latest features and tools. It helps us to meet ever increasing demands if our customer. Some of the machines installed in our unit are as follows:

    Balaji Packaging Industries is well known manufacturer and supplier of corrugated boxes in tamilnadu. We have nearly 200 professional workers in our group who have more than 5 years of experience in the field.

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Our History